A great new debugger tool for Flash, Flex and Air applications

I came across a really nice debugger tool to debug flash, flex and air applications at run-time. It is De MonsterDebugger This is by far the best debugging applications I have seen. It not only allows accessing all the properties and method of the objects inside the SWF, but also permits to manipulate the values and pass parameters to inbuilt object methods and custom methods.

The native flash trace can be replaced by the trace of this application and voila… you will be really surprised to see the innovative way of displaying the trace. It also features memory consumption which allows for better optimization and have a check on garbage collection.

The best of the all is it is open source air application. Once installed, it takes less than a minute to enable your flash,flex and air applications for the debugging, using this tool. Go check it out and you will not be disappointed.

Lee Brimelow has provided a fantastic introduction session on the tool and can be accessed here.

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3 thoughts on “A great new debugger tool for Flash, Flex and Air applications

  1. diamondTearz says:

    Wow! Great find! Do you know how many trace statements you just saved me?!

  2. subba says:

    hi,please can u tel me the procedure .how can i debug AIR application with De MonsterDebugger

    Thanks in advance

  3. Maddox says:

    thanks for sharing the flex debugger. Along with debugger , I use this handy tracer in my every project, its helpful in tracing my application when running after development on clients. anybody in need can download from here

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