2 teams, 6 members, 24 hours of live coding, 3986 lines of code… Super exciting – Being in top 3 can wait!


2 teams from our side, comprising 3 members each, participated in IAMAI Appfest 2013 held @ IIM, Ahmedabad, from 26th July, ’13 to 28th July, ’13. First day was Talkathon – different discussion sessions. Second day onwards, there were 2 parallel tracks, viz. Hackathon and Challengathon. Hackathon allowed participants to register their own concept and team for a mobile app while Challengathon required participants to form their own team but had to choose from different concepts thrown by sponsor companies. Both tracks had a time limit of 24 hours live coding to submit the app. Results were announced on 28th July, ’13. Both of our teams  participated in Talkathon and Hackathon. Neither team made it to top 3 but the sheer experience of being into those moments and face the real pressure of competitive arena was way too enriching! It teaches a whole lot of stuff right from the conceptualization to execution and presenting it in front of such a huge crowd, and also broadens the vision to observe so many brilliant ideas been executed around!

I will not deny the fact that being in top 3 would have been special, but strongly believe that in such competitions nobody actually looses, they just don’t win. I am 100% sure of immense  learning the members would have collected and would definitely have a larger and positive impact in the way they approach software engineering. Being in top 3 can wait for some time, sooner or later we will be there!

Kudos for the effort… Happy coding team mates!

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