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StudioFPS – Foundation for an exciting journey

So, apparently 5 idle months since last post. Well, not really idle, Read on…

We had for the past few years engrossed ourselves in building and bettering our clients business so much that the time was ripe when we finally decided to brand ourselves new. Please accept our hearty welcome to our new website; I dearly hope that you enjoy to see the brand new face of Gateway’s Gaming website –


A few things that one should notice (who have experienced the previous version) are: The new brand, logotype, interface, and experience promises a new beginning for the company and the Game development Team. It is major shift in perspective and in what Gateway proposes to you, our most precious asset. It is a shift in the approach, from mere provision of services and technology to the provision of Solutions that has come from years of experience within an industry that promotes the highest levels of scientific and creative imagination.

From the Logo Icon, that we took inspiration from MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) that sparks a child’s imagination, to the Logo Type with bold fonts that resemble the promise of Gateway’s commitment towards relationships, reliability, and credibility with our clients, to the site that uses latest technology and playful basic colors in a manner that relates to a Game interface and incorporates the most complex navigation converted into a simple interface, to the site usbaility that never lets a user to feel lost on the site, to the ease of connecting with us through contact options that are simple and available on all pages, as if prompting the prospects to initiate a call to action and finally the UI that is a breakthrough development and incorporates the latest in HTML5 and provides the users the best experience when accessed through a Tablet.

We don’t boast of being the best or the biggest, but when you Engage Us, You Realize the Real Next IT Behind the Show.

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Finally, Flash Platform roadmap updated!

We finally see the update today, after almost 5 months. Visit official flash platform roadmap page to find out the details of this update. The wait seems to be worth with ActionScript concurrency for mobile (beta) planned which is likely to change the scenario of AIR mobile performance completely.

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New Features in Adobe Scout CC

While we are all waiting for the CC versions to hit pretty soon, find out from this video about couple of important updates which will be packed in Adobe Scout CC

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Interesting Flash Player and AIR roadmap plans

Although not officially confirmed by Adobe, following are some the features included in the roadmap (with no planned release dates announced yet) for Flash Player and AIR run-time:

  • Stage 3D enhancements and possibly a next version
  • In-built Physics (will be a huge boost)
  • Better compile efficiency and file size reduction for iOS
  • Support for Android Key Lime Pie
  • Mobile Workers (Will tremendously boost AIR’s footprint as Mobile development technology)

While it is not documented on Adobe’s official roadmap webpage, all of the above sounds super exciting. Can’t wait!!

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An update to AIR 3.8 Beta and Flash Player 11.8 Beta available on Adobe Labs

With a great addition of Rectangle Textures, updates to AIR 3.8 Beta and Flash Player 11.8 Beta are now available on Adobe Labs.

Rectangles textures are unique type of textures. Although they are 2D too, but doesn’t have mipmaps. Referencing to different areas of this texture has to be done through pixel values and most importantly, they have no power of 2 restrictions on their size.

Good addition. Grab them, and also check out the Release Notes.

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Flash Player 10 Beta 2 is here..

Astro is moving.. err… galloping. The beta 2 of Flash Player 10 is out.. There are number of improvements including enhanced audio API, Fullscreen keyboard access and a lot more. Well, best place to check out the details is here.

Great going Adobe!!!

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Cheers….Search engines no more shy of SWF content!!!

Voila… Adobe has recently announced a tie-up with major search engine giants including Yahoo and Google to revamp the flash player so as to enable these search engines to fetch the content within the swf files and rank them for search keywords. Keeping in mind the penetration of flash player (around 98%), this is going to result in a major boost in the number of applications deployed on flash player. It is learnt that it will also fetch the dynamic data pulled inside swf files. Well, there is much more insight on this by Justin Everett-Church from Adobe, posted on Flashmagazine. A must read for all flash/flex enthusiasts.

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Flash player installation woes in IE!!!

Hey Folks,

Ideally this is the first official post as it has come a long time after the first post. It took me as much as 6 months to get back 🙂 lame i know. Well, but things are settling down and I hope to be able to update this place more often now.

Now in this post, I am going to provide a simple solution for your flash player installation problems. Don’t expect it to be steps like first uninstall your current flash player, download new one, close browser windows etc… There are thousands of pages mentioning the same. However, I myself, with couple of my colleagues, were facing a weird problem. It was found that even after installing the player correctly, it would result in an error in Internet Explorer and it will never display the flash content in the browser, may what you do..

Upon digging, i found good piece of information (thanks to Adobe folks), which when implemented worked like a charm. To cut the story short, here are the steps:

First and the foremost, make sure your Internet Settings are set to allow the installation of ActiveX Controls. It is as simple as going to Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level… and mark the ‘Download signed ActiveX controls’ and ‘Run ActiveX controls and Plug-ins’ options are set to Prompt and not to Disable. Don’t tell me you didn’t know it requires Administrative rights to perform this. Mostly after doing this too, it won’t work… If so, move ahead.

The main cause of the player not working / getting installed in IE is possibly due to a corrupt and damaged Windows system registry or incorrect permission settings in the registry. This prevents the Flash Player from being installed or registered properly.

Symptoms of a damaged registry or incorrect permissions may include:

  • Error during Flash Player installation:
    ‘Failed to install. For Troubleshooting please see:’
  • Flash Player installer finishes with no error, but Flash content cannot be viewed in Internet Explorer.
  • Some sites tell you that you do not have the correct version of Flash Player, even though you just installed the latest version.
  • Some sites tell you to reinstall Flash Player, but after reinstalling the same message occurs.

Steps to resolve the issue (Administrative Privileges required):

  1. Download the SubInACL tool from the Microsoft Download Center.
  2. Install SubInACL.
  3. Download the file.
  4. Extract the reset_minimal.cmd file to C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\.
  5. *Important: Be sure that both the subinacl.exe and reset_minimal.cmd files are in the same location here: C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\.
  6. Double-click reset_minimal.cmd.
  7. This will open a command window and execute the SubInACL tool.
  8. Do not use the machine while SubInACL is running.
  9. When it is finished you will see “Press any key to continue”.
  10. Install the Flash Player from
  11. If the online installation fails, Download the executable version and run.

Once the above is performed, restart IE and to the best of my beliefs and wishes, it will load the Flash content correctly.

Windows Vista installation failure

On some Windows Vista systems Flash Player may be installed, but will not display Flash content. In some cases updating to the latest Flash Player using the included utility can correct the User Account Control settings that cause this problem.

To run the utility, find your installed Flash folder:

  • Right-click C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\FlashUtil9d.exe
    The letter changes with each Flash version, so may be “FlashUtilb.exe” or “FlashUtile.exe”
  • Select “Run as Administrator”
  • Follow the steps to complete the Flash Player installation
  • Restart your computer

Error while installing older version: The version of Adobe Flash Player ActiveX that you are trying to install is not the most current version

If you previously installed a later version of Flash Player for Internet Explorer, you may be prevented from installing an earlier version. For example, if you installed Flash Player 9,0,115,0, and attempted to install version 9,0,47,0 the installation would fail. In this case follow the instructions in “Safe versions security restrictions when installing Flash Player” (Adobe TechNote kb402435).

Hope it helps. Comments and any problems, if found, are welcome.

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