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2 new apps – with rich graphics and highly engaging gameplay

Recently came across 2 new innovative apps viz, Bubble Pop! Math Challenge. These apps assist children to learn essential math skills by involving them with engaging and rewarding gameplay.

Packed with rich User Interface and superior User eXperience, the apps offer increasingly difficult levels and encourage children to master not only math skills but also improve upon speed, accuracy, concentration etc. The progress is achieved by earning at least 1 star in the current level (of total 3 stars per level) and thus unlocking the next level. At any point, score report and student progress sections help review the overall development.

The best thing is that both apps are available on iOS, Play as well as Amazon (Kindle Fire), with near identical performance across various devices. Get them here:

Highly Recommended!

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What is Rich in RIA?

This is an obvious question as to what is so Rich about RIA. An experienced RIA developer can easily answer this question. The most important aspect of RIA is the UI and Usability. Though they may sound similar to you, they in fact are 2 different things. While UI deals with colors, contrasting themes, visuals, state transitions etc. Usability is all about how easily the application is accessible to the normal user. By normal user I mean one who is average computer savvy. This takes a great amount of deal in deciding the overall anatomy of the application and states’ management. There are abundant amount of fantastic sources available on web to know about all these aspects. However, as I came across a brilliant company specializing in providing state-of-the-art User Interface and Usability experience, thought of sharing with all of you. EffectiveUI has a niche expertise in providing kick-ass, rock solid visual richness to RIA. Their clientele is pretty Impressive. Check out their site and know it yourself.

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