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Interesting Flash Player and AIR roadmap plans

Although not officially confirmed by Adobe, following are some the features included in the roadmap (with no planned release dates announced yet) for Flash Player and AIR run-time:

  • Stage 3D enhancements and possibly a next version
  • In-built Physics (will be a huge boost)
  • Better compile efficiency and file size reduction for iOS
  • Support for Android Key Lime Pie
  • Mobile Workers (Will tremendously boost AIR’s footprint as Mobile development technology)

While it is not documented on Adobe’s official roadmap webpage, all of the above sounds super exciting. Can’t wait!!

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An update to AIR 3.8 Beta and Flash Player 11.8 Beta available on Adobe Labs

With a great addition of Rectangle Textures, updates to AIR 3.8 Beta and Flash Player 11.8 Beta are now available on Adobe Labs.

Rectangles textures are unique type of textures. Although they are 2D too, but doesn’t have mipmaps. Referencing to different areas of this texture has to be done through pixel values and most importantly, they have no power of 2 restrictions on their size.

Good addition. Grab them, and also check out the Release Notes.

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Flash Player 10 Beta 2 is here..

Astro is moving.. err…¬†galloping. The beta 2 of Flash Player 10 is out.. There are number of improvements including enhanced audio API, Fullscreen keyboard access and a lot more. Well, best place to check out the details is¬†here.

Great going Adobe!!!

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Cheers….Search engines no more shy of SWF content!!!

Voila… Adobe has recently announced a tie-up with major search engine giants including Yahoo and Google to revamp the flash player so as to enable these search engines to fetch the content within the swf files and rank them for search keywords. Keeping in mind the penetration of flash player (around 98%), this is going to result in a major boost in the number of applications deployed on flash player. It is learnt that it will also fetch the dynamic data pulled inside swf files. Well, there is much more insight on this by Justin Everett-Church from Adobe, posted on Flashmagazine. A must read for all flash/flex enthusiasts.

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