I am back..

2 years and that was indeed a long break! A lot has happened during this period and I am all set to commit myself more religiously than ever to be more disciplined on the blog. What has not changed is my affection for Flash platform, in fact has further strengthened. So, stay tuned for updates..


Blog title has changed!

Some of you, who had visited my blog in the past, will notice the change of blog title from FPS to Fingers on Fire. Well, that is fundamentally to emphasize the sheer pace in gaming industry. Both at the development level, may it be UI; UX; or Core programming, as well as at the player level – Fingers are indeed on Fire. Game on…

StudioFPS – Foundation for an exciting journey

So, apparently 5 idle months since last post. Well, not really idle, Read on…

We had for the past few years engrossed ourselves in building and bettering our clients business so much that the time was ripe when we finally decided to brand ourselves new. Please accept our hearty welcome to our new website; I dearly hope that you enjoy to see the brand new face of Gateway’s Gaming website – www.studiofps.com


A few things that one should notice (who have experienced the previous version) are: The new brand, logotype, interface, and experience promises a new beginning for the company and the Game development Team. It is major shift in perspective and in what Gateway proposes to you, our most precious asset. It is a shift in the approach, from mere provision of services and technology to the provision of Solutions that has come from years of experience within an industry that promotes the highest levels of scientific and creative imagination.

From the Logo Icon, that we took inspiration from MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) that sparks a child’s imagination, to the Logo Type with bold fonts that resemble the promise of Gateway’s commitment towards relationships, reliability, and credibility with our clients, to the site that uses latest technology and playful basic colors in a manner that relates to a Game interface and incorporates the most complex navigation converted into a simple interface, to the site usbaility that never lets a user to feel lost on the site, to the ease of connecting with us through contact options that are simple and available on all pages, as if prompting the prospects to initiate a call to action and finally the UI that is a breakthrough development and incorporates the latest in HTML5 and provides the users the best experience when accessed through a Tablet.

We don’t boast of being the best or the biggest, but when you Engage Us, You Realize the Real Next IT Behind the Show.

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2 new apps – with rich graphics and highly engaging gameplay

Recently came across 2 new innovative apps viz, Bubble Pop! Math Challenge. These apps assist children to learn essential math skills by involving them with engaging and rewarding gameplay.

Packed with rich User Interface and superior User eXperience, the apps offer increasingly difficult levels and encourage children to master not only math skills but also improve upon speed, accuracy, concentration etc. The progress is achieved by earning at least 1 star in the current level (of total 3 stars per level) and thus unlocking the next level. At any point, score report and student progress sections help review the overall development.

The best thing is that both apps are available on iOS, Play as well as Amazon (Kindle Fire), with near identical performance across various devices. Get them here:

Highly Recommended!

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Finally, Flash Platform roadmap updated!

We finally see the update today, after almost 5 months. Visit official flash platform roadmap page to find out the details of this update. The wait seems to be worth with ActionScript concurrency for mobile (beta) planned which is likely to change the scenario of AIR mobile performance completely.

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2 teams, 6 members, 24 hours of live coding, 3986 lines of code… Super exciting – Being in top 3 can wait!


2 teams from our side, comprising 3 members each, participated in IAMAI Appfest 2013 held @ IIM, Ahmedabad, from 26th July, ’13 to 28th July, ’13. First day was Talkathon – different discussion sessions. Second day onwards, there were 2 parallel tracks, viz. Hackathon and Challengathon. Hackathon allowed participants to register their own concept and team for a mobile app while Challengathon required participants to form their own team but had to choose from different concepts thrown by sponsor companies. Both tracks had a time limit of 24 hours live coding to submit the app. Results were announced on 28th July, ’13. Both of our teams  participated in Talkathon and Hackathon. Neither team made it to top 3 but the sheer experience of being into those moments and face the real pressure of competitive arena was way too enriching! It teaches a whole lot of stuff right from the conceptualization to execution and presenting it in front of such a huge crowd, and also broadens the vision to observe so many brilliant ideas been executed around!

I will not deny the fact that being in top 3 would have been special, but strongly believe that in such competitions nobody actually looses, they just don’t win. I am 100% sure of immense  learning the members would have collected and would definitely have a larger and positive impact in the way they approach software engineering. Being in top 3 can wait for some time, sooner or later we will be there!

Kudos for the effort… Happy coding team mates!

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New Features in Adobe Scout CC

While we are all waiting for the CC versions to hit pretty soon, find out from this video about couple of important updates which will be packed in Adobe Scout CC

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Interesting Flash Player and AIR roadmap plans

Although not officially confirmed by Adobe, following are some the features included in the roadmap (with no planned release dates announced yet) for Flash Player and AIR run-time:

  • Stage 3D enhancements and possibly a next version
  • In-built Physics (will be a huge boost)
  • Better compile efficiency and file size reduction for iOS
  • Support for Android Key Lime Pie
  • Mobile Workers (Will tremendously boost AIR’s footprint as Mobile development technology)

While it is not documented on Adobe’s official roadmap webpage, all of the above sounds super exciting. Can’t wait!!

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An update to AIR 3.8 Beta and Flash Player 11.8 Beta available on Adobe Labs

With a great addition of Rectangle Textures, updates to AIR 3.8 Beta and Flash Player 11.8 Beta are now available on Adobe Labs.

Rectangles textures are unique type of textures. Although they are 2D too, but doesn’t have mipmaps. Referencing to different areas of this texture has to be done through pixel values and most importantly, they have no power of 2 restrictions on their size.

Good addition. Grab them, and also check out the Release Notes.

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