Chase has just begun..

It has been 2 years since my last post and so much has changed over this period. It all seems like a dream come true era. All these years I have been busy managing different projects, ranging from small to large; gaming to applications; web to desktop to mobile devices; not-so-successful to successful ones! All that coupled with rapidly changing paradigms of technology has kept me and my team on toes. What has not changed is the dedication & love for ActionScript and Adobe platform as a whole, irrespective of the amount of fuss around other so-called competing technologies. Recent MAX 2013 was such a joy to witness even offline, can’t imagine the exuberant feeling of onsite attendees!

From various perspectives, it has made my belief stronger that Adobe is indeed on right way in facilitating the creative platform for millions. Flash Platform, in specific, has gone through radical innovations in last 2 years. It is now, that I feel is the right time we can say this technology on path of becoming a matured one. Of course, there is lot to prove, offer and stand-out in this jungle, but it is here to stay and grow, much bigger than suspicious brains would have imagined!

So, here it is.. I am thrilled to be able to restart blogging. And this time, I promise to myself to make it continuous, more fun and more contributive.

As the first step, I have changed the blog name to FPS, which is becoming a buzzword for content acceptability on different platforms. And have changed the theme too!

At least a post in a week, not bad 😉

Catch you guys soon.

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Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst – Beta versions out on Adobe Labs

Hello Guys,

The wait is over… Adobe has announced the downloadable beta of Flash Builder 4 (Flex Builder is renamed now) and most awaited Flash Catalyst, on Adobe labs.

Download links:

Flash Builder 4 Beta
Flash Catalyst Beta

Get your gloves on guys…

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A great new debugger tool for Flash, Flex and Air applications

I came across a really nice debugger tool to debug flash, flex and air applications at run-time. It is De MonsterDebugger This is by far the best debugging applications I have seen. It not only allows accessing all the properties and method of the objects inside the SWF, but also permits to manipulate the values and pass parameters to inbuilt object methods and custom methods.

The native flash trace can be replaced by the trace of this application and voila… you will be really surprised to see the innovative way of displaying the trace. It also features memory consumption which allows for better optimization and have a check on garbage collection.

The best of the all is it is open source air application. Once installed, it takes less than a minute to enable your flash,flex and air applications for the debugging, using this tool. Go check it out and you will not be disappointed.

Lee Brimelow has provided a fantastic introduction session on the tool and can be accessed here.

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Cheers agains, this time for Nishita!!

Nishita Kshatriya Congratulations to Nishita, who is working with me, for securing whooooping 98% to become Adobe Certified Flash Developer. All eyes on the rest of the guys :), I know they are not too far…

3 Cheers to Bharat Patel…

bharat_patelCongratulations to Bharat Patel!!!
He is working with us as a Flex Developer.. Err… Now he is an Adobe Certified Flex Developer. 3 Cheers for him.. Are you listening guys??? :))

Areez Gangji lists top 10 Flex and Air apps for Students

Areez Gangji, an intern at Adobe, has compiled a list of top 10 rocking Flex and Air applications, invaluable for students. It is a must read. Go through them, here.

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Here comes JavaFX

After a reasonably long wait, finally Sun Microsystems have announced the release of JavaFX preview for public. Click here to visit the official site where you will find loads of information and tutorials to get started. The scene is becoming hot with Silverlight getting into final release, Adobe preparing Flex 4 and JavaFX just arriving on the canvas.

Long live RIA!!!

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Gumbo is right here….

Hi Folks,

Flex 4 SDK is out and can be availed from here.

There is a good amount of information about Gumbo, a.k.a. Flex 4, on Flex open source site. You can read about it here. Also, the specifications for Gumbo can be accessed from here.

If you are interested in video demos, don’t miss Matt Chotin’s classic video presentation on the plans of next Flex SDK.

One of the key improvements in the next Flex version is the Designer/Developer workflow. Ely Greenfield has provided a superb piece of video to demonstrate the same, a must watch.

As a techie, if you are interested in delving deeper in the Component Architecture of Gumbo, move on and if you wish to have a look at the feature specs, this is the place.

Gear up guys…

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Flash Player 10 Beta 2 is here..

Astro is moving.. err… galloping. The beta 2 of Flash Player 10 is out.. There are number of improvements including enhanced audio API, Fullscreen keyboard access and a lot more. Well, best place to check out the details is here.

Great going Adobe!!!

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